The Atlantic: Art is Vital

This article from The Atlantic highlights the importance of art in education and how participating in the arts enhances success in other areas of academia. Read the article here.


Thoroughly Modern Millie Controversy at Local High School

This Boston Globe by Ellen Ishkanian article talks about the controversy surrounding Newton North High School’s production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Read the article to find out how students, parents, and administration responded to the outcry regarding the show’s racial stereotypes of Asian Americans.

In this Boston Globe article by Don Aucoin, he highlights the issues surrounding producing plays that come from “problematic source material, as in the case of Thoroughly Modern Millie, and says that one of the underlying issues is that older plays haven’t caught up to our increasing diversity. He also highlights our production of Neighbors by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins for using stereotypes to show the racial assumptions we still make in today’s world. Read the article here.


This column from the Boston Globe talks about high schools feeling fearful of producing certain plays due to content. Read the column here.

In this editorial also from the Boston Globe, the writer talks about how producing controversial plays can prove educational to students. Read the opinion piece here.

HowlRound: Taking the Drama Out of High School

On HowlRound, Jack Serio’s essay, Taking the Drama Out of High School, talks in depth about the unwillingness of high schools across the country to do plays that feature so-called “controversial” themes for fear of offending anyone. Therefore, it leads to high schools producing the same plays and musicals over and over again with content that is more than likely not relevant to what they’re experiencing in their lives. I think this is extremely relevant to how we engage with high schoolers that we interact with through our programs and shows at C1. Read the full article here. This article is a part of a larger HowlRound series called School Days.