HowlRound: Paying Dues and the Social Contract

This HowlRound article by Greg Redlawsk brings up the issue of lack of compensation for actors who work at theatre companies where everyone else is paid a living wage, and he questions whether the concept of “paying your dues” is a lie. Read the article here.


Catalyst is Coming!: A National Convening of Black Theaters

This HowlRound article by Carmen Morgan talks about how black theaters across the country are asking how will they sustain themselves and remain relevant in a world where the paradigm is shifting so that in 2042, people of color will be the majority in the country. Also, Catalyst is Coming!: A National Convening of Black Theatres, which will bring together represenatives from black theaters from across the country to talk about these pressing issues, will be held in NYC from August 4-7.  The event will be livestreamed via HowlRound on August 7.

The Kilroys: THE LIST

This is a list of the 46 most recommended plays written by female playwrights. The Kilroys asked 127 theatre professionals from around the country to recommend the best female authored plays they have encountered in the past year. The list in its entirety has 300 nominated plays that were eligible. You can see the entire list here.

This is an interview that Polly Carl of HowlRound did with members of The Kilroys regarding “The List.” Read the interview here.

Even the New York Times picked up on the list here.

The Kilroys are a group of LA-based playwrights and producers who are tired of just talking about gender parity and “were ready to act.”