Esquire: We Need More Women Superheroes…

This Esquire article talks about recent changes in representation in the comic book genre and how we need to continue with this trend due to an ever-changing population. Read the article here.

Advertisements Sundance Playwrights Sound Off on Female Emergence, Blacklisting and Advocacy Group The Kilroys

This article features playwrights Annie Baker (C1 artist: The Flick, The Aliens), Sheila Callaghan, and Dominique Morisseau talking about gender parity, race, and class on America’s stages. Read the article here.

“Why I Yelled at the Kara Walker Exhibit”

Nicholas Powers recounts his visit to the Kara Walker exhibit at the old Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn, NY. His outburst had to do with how visitors treated the artwork featured at the exhibit and his anger at the lack of curation or education regarding the artwork. Read his account here.

Here’s an interview with Kara Walker regarding the exhibit.

Here’s an interview about the “We Are Here” event that took place at the Domino Sugar Factory.

This is an interview featuring Robert Shelton, a man who worked at the Domino Sugar Factory for 20 years and chose to volunteer at the exhibit.