TCG Circle: Bag & Baggage is Unique

This article by Scott Palmer, artistic director of Bag&Baggage in Hillsboro, OR, talks about how their recent grant from Met Life/TCG’s A-Ha Program: Think It, Do It, enabled them to connect with communities unaccustomed to theatre.  They discovered how the language they use to talk about their company is hitting their rural neighbors to the west in addition to other discoveries they’ve made in their research. Read the article here.

TCG: Complex Racial Themes in Theatre

In this TCG article, writer Keith Josef Adkins discusses the Trayvon Martin project, which is six ten-minute plays involving issues raised by the Martin-Zimmerman case that will be staged at theatres across the country. Also, in this article, playwrights discuss how today’s generation of writers are writing more complexly both stylistically and content-wise regarding issues about race, and they talk about engaging the audience in a dialogue once the show is over. Read the article here.